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The holidays have started a few days ago and you are probably out of the office. After a trying year for many of us, it is no longer time for work but for travel, the beach or the mountains, and the well-deserved rest surrounded by our loved ones.

However, the start of the school year is fast approaching and it is not silly to think about your next laptop now, especially during this period of sales.

As we have seen during the health crisis, the laptop PC has experienced a real resurgence of interest. The traditional machine had however left its place in homes to the touch pad of the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab type. Indeed these devices are much easier to use and transport for family use. With weights below 700 grams for the heaviest models and thicknesses no more than a centimeter, the shelves are easy to share between each member of the household. These devices also have all the most useful applications, both for entertainment, for watching films and series, but also for learning and working on the go.

Tablets are not, however, the best digital tool for working at home. With the confinement and health measures put in place by the various states, many employees have had to continue to collaborate with their teams from the heart of the house. And for these tasks, a laptop PC remains the most versatile and comprehensive equipment to continue working efficiently from your kitchen, office or living room.

First of all, most of them have an excellent camera and many microphones that ensure excellent communication quality during the many videoconferences that punctuate the working days at home. With 1080p picture and high fidelity sound, your callers can see and hear you without problems. A powerful laptop PC also allows you to share your screen or view data on the screen very easily and without performance loss.

A laptop PC is also a very versatile tool that offers a lot of software suitable for the job. Equipped with a desktop operating system, most often Windows 10, it is easy with the keyboard and the mouse to use its various applications, whether it is a word processor, a spreadsheet or even collaborative software like Microsoft Teams. Web browsers are extremely powerful and can also be used for many tasks thanks to web applications like Google Docs, which offer many services shared by an entire work team.

Laptops are also more powerful and can handle heavier tasks like web development, video editing or photo editing. Equipped with state-of-the-art processors and ever more efficient graphics cards, they allow the creative professions to finalize all their work, from a simple sketch to a complete project ready to be shared and published.

Finally, laptops compete with their large screen, between 13 inches for the more compact models and 17 inches for the larger ones, which offer a very nice display surface and allow you to work on two or three software on the screen in passing from one to the other in a very fluid way. A very complete connection also allows you to connect one or two external screens as well as a large number of accessories such as portable hard disks or USB keys in order to quickly transport all your files.

With an autonomy of almost a day for the most enduring models, laptops accompany you in all your work, even on the move in the train that takes you home or in the plane that takes you to your next business trip.

On this occasion Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo or even Microsoft offer you many models adapted to your uses. These manufacturers have declined their different models in several ranges to suit both users who do not have a great need for power, for example for office tasks or in the browser, or on the contrary to professionals who need a lot of power. resources to do their jobs.

During the 2021 Summer Sales, the various online retailers have gone out of their way to offer you rebate offers and dozens, even hundreds of euros of reduction on a very impressive set of models, whether on entry to range up to the most premium devices.

You will now have to be quick to avoid stock shortages and receive your copy before the start of the school year, while taking advantage of a very attractive price.

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