10 essential signings of Adolfo Domínguez: from comfortable dresses to cool flat sandals

10 essential signings of Adolfo Domínguez: from comfortable dresses to cool flat sandals

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With summer just around the corner, we have gone shopping at Adolfo Domínguez and we have found the 10 garments and accessories that cannot be missing from your wardrobe this spring summer.

adolfo dominguez spring-summer dress
Adolfo Dominguez
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There is nothing left for us to go to the beach and show off our tan with the Zara dresses with a WOW effect! or with their 3/4 sleeve dresses that stylize the arms and are the most this season. Not to mention that we have also stopped by Lefties to keep an eye on the essential signings to be a hit and we have also stopped at Massimo Dutti to get hold of the most wearable clothes this spring.

Well, now it is the turn of Adolfo Domínguez, a firm that is characterized by avant-garde, modern and elegant garments for the woman of the 21st century.

Since during the spring temperatures can vary significantly throughout the day, it is important to choose clothes that are comfortable and versatile.


Ideal clothes for spring

  1. Short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts: An excellent option because they are comfortable and breathable. In addition, they can be combined with pants, skirts or shorts to create different looks.

  2. light jackets: They are ideal for cooler days. A jean jacket or cardigan can be comfortable and highly versatile options.

  3. light pants: Cotton pants or linen pants are the winners. Although shorts or skirts can be cool and comfortable options for warmer days.

  4. Comfortable shoes:. Sports shoes, sandals or ballerinas will be your best allies.

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10 essential signings of Adolfo Domínguez: from comfortable dresses to cool flat sandals

falda adolfo dominguez

Adolfo Dominguez

1 / 10

Adolfo Dominguez skirt

Midi length, pareo type, straight cut and with a front belt.Price: 139 euros.

kaftan adolfo dominguez

Adolfo Dominguez

2 / 10

Kaftan Adolfo Dominguez

With a Mao collar, made of European linen and with a degraded effect. Price: 209 euros.

esparto sandals adolfo dominguez

Adolfo Dominguez

3 / 10

Adolfo Dominguez sandals

Espadrille with crossed uppers in jute and goatskin with a slight wedge at the back and metal buckle closure. Price: 99 euros.

    adolfo dominguez white dress

    Adolfo Dominguez

    4 / 10

    White dress Adolfo Domínguez

    Piece of English embroidery, with a square neckline, sleeveless sleeves, fitted, back zip closure and cape skirt. Price: 219 euros.

      shopper adolfo dominguez

      Adolfo Dominguez

      5 / 10

      Shopper Adolfo Dominguez

      With double knitted handle: handle and shoulder strap. Knitted embroidered print. Price: 109 euros.

      adolfo dominguez bandolier

      Adolfo Dominguez

      6 / 10

      Adolfo Domínguez shoulder bag

      Medium in size, made of recycled and braided fabric. Price: 129 euros.

      adolfo dominguez printed dress

      Adolfo Dominguez

      7 / 10

      Adolfo Domínguez printed dress

      Designed with a skirt cut at the hip, with a balloon effect, with pockets on the side and a length up to the calf. Price: 229 euros.

        pantalon adolfo dominguez

        8 / 10

        Adolfo Dominguez trousers

        Design with a waistband, button and zip fastening, side pocket, back pocket, wide cut and ankle length. Price: 119 euros.

          sombrero adolfo dominguez

          Adolfo Dominguez

          9 / 10

          Adolfo Dominguez Hat

          Round and medium brim with round crown. Two-tone raffia effect and black ribbon. Price: 59 euros.

            rojo adolfo dominguez dress

            Adolfo Dominguez

            10 / 10

            Red dress Adolfo Dominguez

            Design with crossover on the back, sleeveless and asymmetric hem. Price: 299 euros.


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