10 disruptive SMEs that have created new business concepts

Disruptive SMEs with a lot of international projection

1.- Sustainable metal powders for 3D printing

The 3D printing industry is already one of the solutions to sustainability problems, due to its ability to manufacture all kinds of items on demand. But the proposal of the Italian F3nice takes another turn in this direction by providing a sustainable solution to waste from the steel industry.

Thus, they produce metallic powders from scrap, generating a circular ecosystem by converting this waste into raw material for 3D printing of spare parts on demand for the manufacturing industry.

The production process of this raw material is also carried out following a patented methodology to avoid impurities in the dust they produce.

2.- A SaaS to design compensation plans

The French startup Figures is one of the pioneering companies in the introduction of technology for the design of compensation plans for employees. The founders are professionals with extensive experience in human resource management and they created the company (2020) thinking about the important need to create fair and balanced compensation plans to retain the best talent.

They have developed a platform that integrates with the main HR management software such as Personio or BambooHR and through it, thousands of data related to compensation plans of European companies of different locations, sizes and growth phases are accessed in real time. In addition to all kinds of sectors. In short, technology for benchmarking HR and designing remuneration policies in a more accurate, reliable and simple way.

It has just received an investment round of 6.67 million euros, to boost its growth and consolidate its leadership position.

3.- Reduce the carbon footprint of coffee cultivation

Coffee production is already in the crosshairs of environmental organizations, due to the deforestation of tropical forests caused by industrial cultivation and environmental pollution caused by the use of chemical fertilizers. To reduce that impact, Carble has developed a platform that allows them to measure the contamination of the plantations and helps them generate a reward system to promote the work of small farmers who grow coffee in a more sustainable way.

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It is a proposal that thus achieves a double solution for coffee brands: reduce their environmental impact and alleviate the poverty of small farmers, another of the great challenges of coffee and cocoa brands, since 44% of small farmers live in poverty and 22% in extreme poverty.

Carble’s founders aspire to “avoid 1,000 megatons of CO2 emissions, protect 1 million hectares of tropical forest and generate €1 billion of additional income for 1 million tropical commodity producers by 2035.”

4.- AI to take care of mental health

BlueSkeye AI develops artificial intelligence solutions applied to facial and body posture tracking software to detect mental illnesses such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism. And other more widespread such as depression and anxiety. Its premise is that these types of diseases require a lot of patient observation time to diagnose them more or less effectively (since, they say, there is always a large margin of subjectivity in diagnoses) and that this time can be reduced thanks to facial technology.

It also serves to measure pain automatically, something key when the patients are children and other people who cannot identify or explain their symptoms well.

It is state-of-the-art technology so that doctors can streamline their treatments, make them more precise, establish appropriate diagnoses and recommendations, and carry out more accurate follow-up of patients.

5.- Healthy gummies

Vegan, gluten-free and low-sugar gummies developed by nutrition and health experts. And not only to enjoy eating them without remorse for the risk of gaining weight or exceeding sugar, but also for their healthy effects, since they are conceived as sources of vitamins and dietary supplements. Thus, there are some to reduce stress and anxiety, to improve digestion, to sleep better, to strengthen the immune system… and as beauty products, to promote tanning or improve hair, skin and nails.

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under the signature The Miraculousare produced in a French laboratory and only use natural products: pectin from fruits, plants and vitamins.

6.- Predict human behavior

There is no better market study than being able to anticipate consumer behavior, since it is the only way to avoid the biases that cause false answers.

And if possible anticipate it quite precisely and with the minimum of time. With this premise works Neurons, a consumer neuroscience company that aims to replace A/B testing and other similar market research with its technology solutions based on neuroscience testing and the use of AI. Its founders say it can interpret responses and consumer behavior in seconds and measure with the smallest margin of error the success or failure of new product launches, or the effectiveness of creative campaigns on networks in any format.

7.- A voice assistant for work

Accustomed as we are to using voice assistants at home, such as Alexa or Siris, it is curious that their use has not been extended to work environments to speed up automatic actions. Screevo seeks to fill that gap and focuses on workers who do not have a desk; allows them to send orders remotely through AI software and machine learning without the need for integration.

It allows to reduce around 40% of the work time used in routines such as entering data in forms, spreadsheets, etc. for employees whose real work is not desk-based, but focused on other routines.

It identifies up to 40 different languages ​​and can be adapted to very specific market segments, since it is prepared to understand words from multiple specialties and can identify them even in very noisy environments.

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8.- The Linkedin of the web3

Dework It is a platform to manage projects related to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in a decentralized way. Its operation is based on decentralized collaboration. The platform thus becomes the common place where you can create and organize web3 projects, recruit the most suitable profiles and design a reward system with your own token with which to pay for specific tasks.

Integrated with the Discord instant messaging platform, it allows generating Smart contracts between interested parties and discussing aspects related to ongoing projects.

9.- Entertainment and electronic commerce

In the obsession with attracting the youngest and most digital consumers to online stores, live shopping proposals are gradually monopolizing the market. Some already as advanced as NTWRKwhich has already become the leading live shopping platform in North America.

To maintain consumer interest on a constant basis, they offer daily product launches, virtual shopping festivals and exclusive partnerships with the main brands and creators of the moment. Shopping and leisure elevated to the maximum expression with a strategy that helps generate community and engagement among the most active consumers.

10.- The thermometer of the world

Another disruptive SME comes to provide solutions to global warming. Satellite View is a space technology company that has specialized in high-resolution thermal imaging. With their technology they can monitor the Earth and detect 24 hours a day the facilities and specific places where thermal emissions are being produced and help companies make the right decisions to be truly respectful of the environment.

You can see more disruptive SMEs from other countries here: 10 terribly disruptive business ideas.



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