10 cars that low-income people can buy.. starting from 20 thousand pounds

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Saturday 28 May 2022

Low-income cars

Books – Muhammad Jamal:

Many Egyptians in the second-hand market are looking for a cheap car without looking at its capabilities, technical condition or year of manufacture, hoping to avoid daily dependence on public transportation in all its forms.

Although the prices of cars in the used market varied significantly during the past year, affected by the state of confusion in the zero car market due to the Corona pandemic and what it caused in the manufacturing and trade sector.

However, the electronic user market and the traditional markets still have dozens of cheap cars that low-income people can own, with prices starting from 20,000 pounds.

The following report lists the top 10 cars offered in the electronic buying and selling markets, with prices starting from 20,000 pounds.

Through the following pages, you can learn about the 10 cars:

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