With the change of season we often and willingly find ourselves facing sudden changes in temperatures that lead us to cough, fatigue and a runny nose. These classic and annoying cold symptoms arrive on time with the uncertain weather of the mid-seasons. And all of us every morning as we get dressed we find ourselves wondering: what should I wear? It will be hot? Freddo? So we go out in the morning with the sweater, at 12 we are in a tank top, at 7 pm the temperature drops again and we run into the classic chill.

Strengthen the defenses starting in the mid-seasons

To avoid getting sick we must help our immune defenses and not make the mistake of thinking that they only need to be strengthened during the winter.

Experts say that the best time to start preventing such ailments is during the mid-seasons. We can do this with specific supplements but also by including these 10 anti-cold foods that strengthen the immune system in our diet.

10 anti-cold foods that strengthen the immune system

Vitamin C (oranges, citrus fruits and other vegetables)

Vitamin C is the most popular of the compounds that increase the body’s ability to resist infections and colds. Almost everyone knows that vitamin C is present in oranges and citrus fruits but we can also find it in broccoli, berries, lettuce, kiwi and red cabbage. Vitamin C is important because in addition to stimulating the immune defenses it facilitates the absorption of iron and also facilitates the synthesis of some hormones.

Carrots and pumpkin

Orange fruit and vegetables are rich in beta-carotene, which helps eliminate free radicals and fight infections. Furthermore, in these foods, especially carrots, we find a strong presence of vitamin C.

White yogurt without sugar

Antibodies are formed in the intestine so it is of fundamental importance to keep it in balance. To do this we need to take probiotics regularly. A food that we can use for breakfast or as a snack is yogurt, rich in probiotics and live lactic ferments. This precious ally of our intestine will help us strengthen the immune system.


Salmon is rich in vitamin D, which helps protect the body from infection. We also find omega 3 which are precious allies of the cardiovascular system because they affect triglycerides and blood pressure.

Green tea with ginger and honey for every season

Green tea is rich in flavonoids which are highly antioxidant plant compounds. Antioxidants, on the other hand, are chemical compounds that act as a shield against free radicals and which at the same time improve our body’s resistance to infections. This is why green tea is a formidable ally against seasonal ailments, even more so if enriched with ginger and honey. Honey is rich in minerals and has an antibacterial action while ginger is known for its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory power.

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