Twenty-one percent of patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19 during the first wave – March 15 through June 14 – died during their hospital stay. The patients who stayed in intensive care were even 40 percent. This is shown in a study by Sciensano “Hospital surveillance Covid-19”.

Bruno Catry, head of infectious diseases at Sciensano, confirms the high mortality rate but warns against extending it to the second wave. “We cannot compare the first wave with the second. The protection of the care staff is now much better, for example, there is a duty to apply mask masks everywhere. In addition, the treatment of Covid patients has also improved a lot, ”it sounds. Catry also points out that during the first wave, relatively many weakened people, such as the elderly, were affected by the virus.

The majority of deaths (89.7 percent) occurred in those over 65, according to the report. “Age is the major risk factor for hospital death, followed by the following risk factors identified in the clinical surveillance data: being male, having cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic kidney, liver or lung disease, neurological or cognitive impairment, or cancer, “the report said.