1.4 million adults report prolonged COVID-19 symptoms

Couple: Laura| Keywords: Canada-Covid-19 | Updated on 18-10-2022

Of Canadian adults who reported a previous positive test or suspected COVID-19 infection, 14.8% experienced symptoms at least three months after being infected, Statistics Canada said Monday, adding that this equates to about 1.4 million adults, or 4.6% of the Canadian population age 18 and over.

In collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada, the national statistics agency has released the first nationally representative data on Canadians who experienced long-term symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19 or suspecting a previous infection.

According to the agency, a higher percentage of women reported prolonged symptoms compared to men. No significant difference by age group was found in the percentage of adults reporting it.

Fatigue was the most commonly reported unresolved symptom, followed by cough, shortness of breath and brain fog, the Public Health Agency of Canada said.

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