Generally, the search for a health professional starts from the first symptoms of a disease, causing, in some cases, that the diagnosis is delayed and, perhaps, ineffective for certain pathologies. But, with technological advances, medicine and Lab tests it became more and more comprehensive, predictive and preventive.

One of the great allies in this new scenario of early fight against diseases is the genetic counseling. It is an activity carried out by doctors, biodoctors or biologists, with training and experience in this field of genetics. The counseling is done through a consultation after a genetic mapping test, which allows reading different points of a person’s DNA.

The genetic markers found in tests of this type are interpreted by the professional, who will provide a clearer, more assertive and individualized orientation to the patient.

Diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and various types of cancer., for example, they have a genetic contribution. By sequencing a part of the genome, it is possible to know whether or not the patient has certain alterations that predispose to these diseases.

After this reading of the ADN, we managed, in an advisory consultation, to establish measures that will help prevent or mitigate the development of these and other pathologies, and even, in some cases, avoid passing them on to future generations..

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With the implementation of genetic testing In hospitals and clinics in the country, it will be possible to broaden the scope of this analysis, minimizing the damage that the late discovery of a disease can cause. A classic example is that of the American actress Angelina Jolie, who, after discovering the tendency to breast and ovarian cancer, underwent surgery to remove these organs, preventing the disease.

In the public network, we currently have some health services that offer genetic counseling, especially those that have an outpatient genetic consultation, such as the Instituto da Criança del Hospital das Clínicas de São Paulo and the Center for Studies of the Human Genome and Cells mother at USP. In the private segment, the National Complementary Health Agency (ANS) indicates that the agreements must cover counseling when requested by the doctor and under justification.

Still in embryonic form in Brazil, the genetic counseling service is growing rapidly and can be developed and consolidated on a national scale. THE personalized and preventive medicine, based on knowledge of genetics, will allow people to understand their own genome and how it interferes with their health and quality of life, marking a revolution in the way we discover and treat disease.

* Ricardo di Lazzaro Filho is a doctor and pharmacist, with a Master’s degree in Human Genomics and a doctoral student in Genetics and Evolutionary Biology, as well as being a founding partner of the Genera laboratory.

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