◉ Jesús María 2022 LIVE: where to watch on TV and on which channel

Learn about the options to follow the 2022 Jesus María Festival live on TV and online.

The Festival of Jesus Maria 2022 It continues with its schedule since it began on January 6. The National Festival of Dressage and Folklore that transits its 56th edition will feature the presentation of various artists every night until the 17th of this month, when the end comes. In case of not being able to attend, I learned about the options to follow the Festival on TV or online.

Jesús María 2022 LIVE: where to watch the Festival on TV

The Jesús María National Dressage and Folklore Festival will be broadcast live on various TV channels. These are:

  • Public TV
  • Net TV (All Argentina)
  • Channel 10 (Córdoba)
  • ShowSport (Córdoba)
  • Channel C

How to watch Jesus María 2022 LIVE online

What’s more, you can follow the transmission by streaming on different sites. The festival organization itself will transmit it through its website. To see it you have to do click here.

In turn, La Voz de Córdoba will also broadcast it by streaming as well as on Public TV.

Festival of Jesus Maria

Festival de Jesús María 2022: schedules to watch LIVE

The festival can be seen in its entirety online, from the beginning to the end of each festival night, offering nine hours of transmission, from 7:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

However, TV channels will broadcast from 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.

Festival of Jesús María 2022: the complete grid

Thursday 06 January

  • Raly Barrionuevo
  • Coplanacu duo
  • Cuti and Roberto Carabajal
  • The Viscacheros
  • Magui Olave
  • Good argentine

Friday January 07

  • Nestor Garnica
  • The Voices of Oran
  • The street
  • La Pilarcita
  • Damien Cordoba

Saturday 08 January

  • Jorge Rojas
  • Nahuel Pennisi
  • Orellana – Lucca
  • Salitral
  • Jujeños
  • The Pampas
  • The Key Trio

Sunday January 9

  • Palito Ortega
  • The Nightcrawlers
  • Roxana Carabajal
  • La Zapada
  • The Wapay of the Valley
  • Sauda

Monday January 10

  • The Tekis
  • The Alonsitos
  • Leandro (Lele) Lovato
  • Q’ Lokura
  • Lorraine carrizo
  • Song of the Soul
  • The Muleteers of Salta

Tuesday January 11

  • Sergio Galleguillo
  • The Carabajal
  • 5 senses
  • Q’ Lokura
  • Dale Q´Va
  • The Umbides
  • The Legal

Wednesday January 12

  • Abel Pintos
  • Ceibo
  • Jesica Benavidez
  • Llokallas
  • Marcos Basilico

Thursday January 13

  • Indian Lucio Rojas
  • Ahyre
  • Guitar makers
  • The Left of the Cave
  • Pocha Galvan
  • Northern Strings

Friday january 14

  • Chaco Palavecino
  • The 4 of Córdoba
  • Milena Salamanca
  • Los Trajinantes
  • Kepianco
  • La Cuja
  • Gaston lamb
  • Ulysses Good

Saturday january 15

  • Soledad Pastorutti
  • Jairo
  • Horacio Banegas
  • Forever Tucu
  • Adrian Maggi
  • La Cuja
  • The Traditional Dawn Singers
  • Pajarito and Ricardo Palavecino

Sunday January 16

  • Luciano Pereyra
  • Emiliano Zerbini
  • Cabales
  • Florence Paz
  • The Bordona
  • La Cuja
  • The bar

Monday January 17

  • Teen
  • Los Palmeras
  • The Giovos
  • Dj An Fontana


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