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Bad Berka (ots)

For World Rheumatism Day on October 12th, the chief physician of the Clinic for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery at the Central Clinic Bad Berka, Prof. Olaf Kilian, recommends that you take your first symptoms seriously and see a doctor. “A timely start of therapy for inflammatory rheumatic diseases protects the joints from major damage and thus opens up the opportunity to remain pain-free and flexible for longer,” said the chief physician.

Joint inflammation is the most common form of the 100 different rheumatic diseases. The changed activity of the inflamed synovial membrane can increasingly lead to cartilage damage in the joints. The consequences of the rheumatic disease are changes in the shape of the joints, misalignments and rapid joint wear, known as osteoarthritis. Gout is a special form of rheumatic disease. The rheumatoid joint changes are caused by a metabolic disorder.

But soft tissues can also be affected by the rheumatic disease. These then show up, for example, in tendinitis, such as in the so-called tennis elbow, or as a chronic pain syndrome of the entire bone and soft tissue. With fibromyalgia, a new term in rheumatology emerged.

“In recent years, medicine has made great strides in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases. Only very few patients still have to undergo surgery, most of them can be treated well with medication until they are completely symptom-free. Good results are also achieved with advanced disease courses. The typical rheumatism operations, e.g. on the hands, are required less and less because of the new types of medication, “explains Prof. Kilian.

Hereditary predisposition and nicotine are among the risk factors for rheumatic disease. Joint-friendly training such as walking, swimming and relaxation sports such as yoga and tai-chi as well as a low-meat and low-sugar diet could minimize the risk of developing rheumatism. Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include painful and swollen joints, exhaustion, fatigue, and weight loss.

“Not only older people are affected, young adults and even children can also suffer from rheumatic diseases. Therefore, it is important to have joint problems clarified even at a young age,” said the doctor.

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