″Omicron variants have complicated the development of 2nd generation vaccines″

In September 2021, and almost nine months after the start of the vaccination process against covid-19, at least in Europe, a new hope appeared: the 2nd generation vaccines, which were already in phase III trials, the last phase, to then be presented to the international drug authorities. At the end of the year, and as was reported at the time, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) already had three vaccines under consideration, but the appearance of a new variant in South Africa, more transmissible than Delta, came ” complicate” ongoing studies. The goal of obtaining vaccines against the transmission of covid-19 now seems to be further away, as well as that of herd immunity. In an interview with DN, the immunologist, researcher at the Institute of Molecular Medicine (iMM) João Lobo Antunes and one of the specialists who integrates the Technical Commission on Vaccination against Covid-19 of the DGS, Luís Graça, assumes that the important thing now is to follow the strategy of primary vaccination and boosters, to avoid serious consequences, such as hospitalizations and deaths.



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